Meganisi is a picturesque island of the Ionian sea, 4 nautical miles southeast of Lefkada.

It is the largest island of a complex (skorpios, Thilia, Kythros and more), composing the administrative district of the Municipality of Meganissi (Taphion), called Tilevoides.

With an area of 19,85 square Kilometers, Meganisi belongs to the province of Lefkada and has three scenic villages with unique beauties: Vathi, Katomeri and Spartochori which consist the main settlements of the island with a total population of 2,000 inhabitants.

The traditional architecture, the hospitable residents, the quite life, the magnificent sceneries, the picturesque bays with the fish taverns, the restaurants and entertainment shops, the splendid view, the green landscapes and the crystal waters, create an ideal place for the summer holidays.

Aghios Ioannis, Spillia, Pasoumaki, Ambelakia, Atherinos, Faros, Limonari, Elia, Loutrolimni and Bereta are the most well known beaches of the island which along with Papanikolis and Giovani Caves are worthwhile a visit.

There is a regular connection from Nydri, situated 16 Klm south of Lefkada on the east coastal zone. Meganisi lies a distance of 4 nautical miles from Nydri and 1,5 nautical miles from Skorpios. There is a ferry-boat connection and regular connections from Nydri to Meganisi (Cave & Vathi).

There are also daily ferry-boat connections to Ithaca and Kefalonia.

During the ferry-boat trip that lasts 25 minutes, the visitors can enjoy the breathtaking view to the many islets scattered around Meganisi such as Madouri with the old family house of the greek poet Valaoritis and the islet of Skorpios, still owned by the famous Onassis family.

Meganisi has a good road network and local transportation. The island, overwhelmed by many local and foreign visitors every year, provides an excellent sea tourism development and accommodation services such as hotels, rooms to let and apartments. You can also find surfing activities at the beach of Aghios Ioannis, reach the Caves by sea bicycle while the area around the island is ideal for sailing. You may also enjoy a caique tour to the Cave of Papanikolis as well as a round island tour.

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